How to shower with the hair replacement system

The high-quality hair replacement system makes it possible for people to shower with it. However, you can’t just wash or scrub your hair system like you wash your own natural growing hair. You need to follow a specific method, otherwise, the lifespan of your hair replacement system will be shortened.

1.The first step is to moisture the hair system. Use a boar bristle brush and some olive oil to condition your hair. Make sure that every strand is covered by olive oil appropriately.

2.At the same time, create a 1:1 mix of water and shampoo and put it in a spray bottle. This step is to dilute the shampoo so that it becomes easy to lather and apply.

3.Once the spray bottle is prepared, you can spray the shampoo-water mix onto your hair system. Please notice two important things while doing this. The first is that do not spray too much. Spraying too much will make shampoo buildup in the hair system, which will affect the appearance and may even cause irritation in your scalp. Secondly, do not spray near the area where the system base is attached to your scalp. It will affect the adhesive and cause the hair system to come loose.

4.When you wash the hair, gently press and slide it through each section of the hair. You can use either a soft sponge or your palms for this purpose. Don’t rub the shampoo into the hair system the way you would have with natural hair, it will damage and tangle your hair system. Then, follow one particular direction when applying the shampoo. The best way is to press and squeeze away from the system base instead of towards it to prevent tangling and damage.

5.The following step is to rinse your hair system. Remember to only use lukewarm water. If the water is too hot, it will cause the hair system to detach since the heat will melt the adhesive. Also, make sure that you rinse away from the system base instead of towards it. It's important to wash away all remaining shampoo, since a build-up of shampoo can cause itching and compromise the bond of your hairpiece.

6.You can blot or dab the hair system with microfiber towel to dry your hair system, don’t rub it. Microfiber towels don’t catch and pull the hair so they’ll keep your hair system safe.